Adaptability Canada

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“We will all profit from a more diverse, inclusive society, understanding, accommodating, even celebrating our differences, while pulling together for the common good.”

– Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Inclusion, accessibility, and diversity are about creating environments that offer a sense of belonging, dignity, and fairness. It requires a strategic approach with support from the highest levels of an organization to truly make a difference for employees, customers, and the public.

A high-level strategy means weaving the concepts of belonging, dignity, and fairness into every aspect of the organization; echoing far beyond changes to the built environment into the strategy and brand of the organization. For those organizations that do it right, the rewards are greater loyalty and retention from both customers and employees along with increased profit.

Adaptability Canada’s consulting solutions encompass a multi-stage approach to identifying, understanding, and managing risk inherent in the enterprise, in the market, and in your portfolio of properties. We have delivered on strategic consulting projects for Canada’s largest landlords, public sector organizations, crown corporations, leading institutions and big employers.

Currently, Adaptability Canada is working with leading federally regulated employers across Canada to prepare and manage their ACA Accessibility Plans for the Dec 31, 2022 deadline and beyond.

The services have included:

  •  Accessibility planning for federally regulated organizations
  • Ethical public consultations
  • Ideation workshops for executive teams
  • Strategy development
  • Research and analysis
  • Inclusion and intersection of disability with LGBTQ, Indigenous, Veteran, Women and Minorities
  • Cross-disciplinary consulting for IT/IS, HR and compliance reporting in partnership with MNP