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Adaptability Canada is a supplier of many solutions that improve accessibility and service in any environment. Each of these products are sourced from compliant, high-quality manufacturers in North America. These construction elements are designed to improve access and create better wayfinding on the interior and exterior of buildings.

If we have not done a Property Assessment for your building, please contact us to discuss your needs and get a quote on your project.

The equipment and supplies we offer are:

Tactile Attention Indicators

  • Stainless steel studs
  • ADA Tile
  • Installation

Photoluminescent Stair Safety

  • Path marking (handrails, baseboard)
  • Stair nosing (contrast and non-slip)
  • Stairwell ID
  • Installation

Custom Signage

  • E/F, Braille and raised lettering
  • Custom designs and manufacturing
  • Installation

Opaque Strips

  • Custom design
  • Entrances and interior glazing
  • Installation

Hands-free Dispensers and Washroom Automation

  • Hands free soap and paper towel
  • Auto flush for urinal and toilets
  • Hands free faucets
  • Installation

Adult Change Tables

  • Product: Pressalit Care Nursing Bench
  • 1000, 2000, and 3000 models available
  • Installation

Universal Washroom Elements

  • Personal emergency alarms
  • Universal washroom door kits
  • Installation

Grab Bars and Washroom Accessories

  • L-shaped and straight grab bars
  • Coat hooks
  • Toilet paper dispensers
  • Mirrors
  • Installation

Power and Sliding doors

  • Automated sliding doors
  • Power door operators
  • Hands free activators
  • Installation

Ramps and Handrails

  • Custom concrete ramps
  • Metal and stainless handrails
  • Handrail contrast
  • Design and building permits