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“Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought.”

– Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Adaptability Canada is the only accessibility company in Canada undertaking serious research to inform our service offerings. Our thought leadership includes both primary and secondary research which underpins everything we do from high-level strategic planning to doorknob recommendations in a building.

For each investigation, we set up a team of at least two researchers to conduct traditional literature reviews, comb papers for best practices around the globe, and host one-on-one interviews with individuals, organizations, and experts in their fields.

We speak to those with visible and invisible disabilities, seniors, Indigenous people, women, LGBTQ, visible minorities, and obese people to understand their needs and challenges both today and in the future. Amassing both a depth and breadth of data on the lived experience of many stakeholders has given rise to our reputation for innovative, timeless, future-forward design and strategic consulting.

We believe so strongly in this approach because data provides an empirical way to set the rules of the game. We do not base our recommendations on a singular lived experience or a purely subjective view of a space. We do so based on the analysis and prioritization of quantitative / qualitative data and its impact on the dignity, safety, and respect of whoever will be using a building or public space. Only when all built environment designers and engineers play by these objective rules, can every Canadian feel welcome and safe no matter where they go.

Accessible Procurement Research Funding

Adaptability Canada is proud to announce that it, along with its partners, will be undertaking an 18-month research project on how the procurement of goods, services, and facilities intersects with people with disabilities. The Final Report will be published in late spring, 2023.

The project is funded by Accessibility Standards Canada which has been mandated by the Government of Canada contributing to a barrier-free Canada. It is responsible for working closely with people with disabilities and other organizations, to create modern accessibility standards, lead research on barrier identification, prevention and removal, sharing information related to accessibility, and support society to reach the highest levels of accessibility.

The project will involve primary and secondary research, building empirical data sets, producing a case study that applies the research findings, and a final report. The findings and insights from this project will significantly influence the design of accessibility standards in relation to procurement in the federal government.

Currently Adaptability Canada is seeking partners who are interested in these services to join our research project and get early access to the findings of the research and pilot access to our Accessible Procurement Solution Framework. Visit our partnership area.

Explore our Accessible Procurement Solution Framework.