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Building Accessibility Management System (BAMS) is a proprietary, cloud-based software-as-a-service being developed to allow our clients to manage all aspects of accessibility across the entire enterprise. It will be deployed in both a web and mobile environment. The solution will provide a powerful decision and reporting tool for large organizations with complex real estate portfolios and a diverse/distributed workforce.

The first package of modules will focus on the built environment. From there, modules will be systematically added to cover all accessibility barriers (e.g. Human Resource Practices, Customer Service, Information/Communications Technology, Procurement etc) for which legislated compliance is a requirement.

The initial target market is national or regional corporations, government, and institutions (e.g. Universities, Colleges, Hospitals) with a distributed portfolio of real estate and work sites. International markets will follow. In addition, facility management and general management consulting organizations will be able to white-label BAMS and incorporate it into their service offering for their clients.

The real estate module is in development and will:

  • Allow accurate collection and storage of building accessibility data (historical, post-assessment, post-remediation etc)
  • Provide comparative and customized data to analyze the building portfolio through multiple views (by building, by region, by type, by deficiency, by jurisdictional codes/standards etc)
  • Support multi-year planning and budgeting for all properties and projects
  • Manage projects, milestones, and budgets
  • Track, measure, and report progress, success and compliance in real time
  • Make available a powerful knowledge base for inclusive design and best practices

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