Adaptability Canada

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The Highlight Reel

  • The first research-based accessibility company in Canada
  • Influenced accessible design in over 1,000,000 square feet of real estate across the country
  • An approach to design that speaks to all marginalized groups
  • Collaboration with all levels of government, private organizations, and non-profits to create a uniform and enriched accessibility experience for all Canadians

About Adaptability Canada

Founded in 2013, Adaptability Canada was born out of the personal passion and familial experience of founder Jeff Wilson. He saw that it was time to change the way Canadians accessed and used buildings and knew that “a giant step forward was needed, which couldn’t happen without innovation.”

Quickly, the company evolved from building accessibility to zeroing in on the way diverse individuals experience the built (i.e. interior and exterior) environment. That meant moving beyond basic physical access, to identifying what physical, mental, and emotional barriers are at play, and how designers and builders can overcome them gracefully. This holistic approach – based on innovative tools, methods, and perspectives – has made Adaptability Canada the pioneering company that it is today.

Adaptability Canada’s view is that the built environment can and should be designed in a way that lets all stakeholders truly enjoy their experience in a space. Our commitment to full inclusion is not only at the core of our services, but it’s at the heart of our firm’s values, who we hire, and who we work with. This dedication to inclusion is rooted in on ongoing research and consultation with diverse communities.

In 2017, Jeff Wilson and COO Deidre Guy were presented with the opportunity to found a non-profit organization, the Inclusive Workplace and Supply Council of Canada (IWSCC). The IWSCC exists to enhance the profile of diverse business owners, conduct much-needed research, and educate on best procurement practices for diverse supply chains. The IWSCC is the official certifying body in Canada for businesses that are 51%+ owned and operated by Veterans and/or persons with disabilities. Adaptability Canada and the IWSCC continue to collaborate on projects that enhance inclusion and accessibility on all fronts in Canada.

Our Team

Jeff Wilson – Founder & CEO

“Only the mediocre are always at their best. ”

– Jean Giraudoux

Jeff founded Adaptability Canada for one reason: to constantly improve the quality of life for Canadians at home, at work, and in the community by enabling a barrier-free society. Moved by his own family’s confrontation with inaccessibly built environments, Jeff soon realized that many Canadians were being neglected when it came to the design of buildings and public spaces.

After twenty years of leading global brands through the process of creating and implementing a superior customer and employee experience, it was a no-brainer to translate that strategy into accessible and inclusive customer experiences. Jeff has leveraged his own lived experience with a disability to inform his approach to experiential design. This foundational knowledge helps large corporations, institutions, and government deliver an inclusive experience for diverse stakeholders.

Jeff leads the consulting practice at Adaptability Canada and steers the company towards valuable opportunities and long-term growth. He can also be found doing site assessments, writing Inclusive Design Guides, and meeting with customers when called.

Brad Brohman – Business Development

“Life is short. Take chances. Work with people of substance on things that matter and have fun doing it.”

– Brad Brohman

Brad is the President of Brohman & Associates, a general consultancy firm focused on business development and strategy, leadership, and government relations. He consults for organizations in accessibility, technology, higher education, government, and not-for-profits, among others.

Before opening Brohman & Associates, Brad was VP at the Rick Hansen Foundation, COO of a global high-tech company (Kivuto), and held senior positions in both the Provincial (BC) and Federal governments, as well as Sustainable Development Technology Canada, a clean-tech investment foundation.

Brad’s varied work background and law degree offers him the acumen to thoughtfully advise on Adaptability Canada’s strategic direction, contracts, government relations, and software development. His breadth of experience with various stakeholders and ability to judiciously evaluate opportunities helps ADC and its team operate from a position of strength.

Cecil Fingal – Account Executive

“Be like water, my friend.”

– Bruce Lee

Following his 27 years in the security industry, Cecil joined Adaptability Canada in 2018 with a talent for co-operating with everyone from street people to CEOs. His experience assessing physical spaces and understanding access to a building also translated well into conducting site audits for ADC’s audit team.

Cecil’s main responsibility now is sales, where he has positioned himself as a dependable resource for his clients and a skilled networker. He has brought on several major clients and continues to find ways to make ADC stand out in the accessibility space. Cecil’s experience in security and his martial arts background give him the focus and patience to plan, execute, and deliver the desired result every time.

Adrienne Legault – Project Manager

“Feel the fear, do it anyway”

– Susan Jeffers

Growing up alongside a grandfather with MS, Adrienne saw the trials and tribulations of how the built environment affects one’s way of life. That experience and her education in anthropology shaped her worldview, which said that one way of doing things is not the only way. When the opportunity to work at a company with that same viewpoint came up, Adrienne was excited to get on board.

She has transitioned in her role at ADC, first starting as a junior analyst and now providing value as a project manager. In this role she liaises with staff and management, relays with suppliers and clients, and offers logistical and administrative assistance. She has become a ‘catch-all’ that supports any project or task when needed, bringing a sense of organization and compassion with her along the way. Adrienne has a talent for bringing the team’s ideas to life and evolving with the needs of the company.

Lyndsey Thomas – Senior Analyst

“Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

– Howard Thurman

Lyndsey brings an education in Architectural Science and hands-on construction experience to the team at Adaptability Canada. Following several years at an architectural firm, Lyndsey has learned how the technical aspects of design and the way people experience a space fit together.

At ADC, she is responsible for conducting thorough site audits and compiling reports for clients. Lyndsey is also one of the lead researchers tasked with collecting data on accessibility and the lived experience that the team uses to inform ADC’s Design Guides. Aside from her work at ADC, Lyndsey runs her own home renovation company which allows her to stay attuned to what it means to bring design elements from the page to the studs.

Devin Dushanek – Senior Analyst

“As a designer I aspire to bring my ideas and the ideas of others to life in a thoughtful way through the collective processes of conversation, learning, making, and adaptation.”

– Devin Dushanek

Devin started with Adaptability Canada as an intern in 2017 and has since become a Senior Analyst with the auditing team. In his current role, he is attentive in his approach to identifying barriers in the built environment, refining data, and building reports for clients.

He thrives in the creative aspects of his work, leveraging his background in design and interest in architecture to inform design features, do graphic design, photo editing, and building plan markups for the company. Devin is also part of the research team that contributes to the development of Inclusive Design Guides. In his primary and secondary research on accessibility innovations and best practices, Devin aims to create meaningful experiences for people of all abilities.

Trevor Thomas – Senior Analyst

Building on a career of specifications and quality assessment, Trevor has spent the better part of the past 12 years interpreting regulations and applying retrofit solutions in the commercial and institutional building space. These skills easily translated to ADC’s assessment of buildings through the lens of accessibility.

As part of the auditing team, he examines a building’s accessibility against applicable codes, standards, design guidelines and best practices. He works tirelessly to ensure the systemized auditing process is always getting better in terms of fluency, comprehension, and diligence to allow for easier and more efficient property assessments. Trevor makes a point to share the audit report’s information in a way that allows customers to take real steps – however big or small – towards implementing the recommendations.

Jennifer MaGee – Jr. Analyst & Administrative Support

“Leave this world a little better than you found it.”

– Robert Baden-Powell

Jennifer brings with her 19 years of experience in administration, coordination, and providing an excellent customer service experience. In those years she has become proficient at understanding the technical aspects of a business and creating streamlined procedures that support workflow management.

As a Junior Analyst and Administrative Supporter, Jennifer conducts site audits, prepares reports, and assists in the shipping and distribution of ADC’s pandemic solutions. Jennifer found purpose at Adaptability Canada by helping uplift the people in her community that were underrepresented through the company’s ongoing projects. She continues to find meaningful work as part of the team at the Inclusive Workplace and Supply Council of Canada as well.

Emmery Sabo – Sales & Installation Lead

Emmery’s role at Adaptability Canada is to put the consulting team’s recommendations into action. Taking the lead on installations, Emmery and his team professionally install accessibility equipment such as tactile landings, handicap devices, and universal washroom fixtures.

Emmery is also part of the sales team where he leverages his 20 years in retail advertising and knowledge of project implementation to deliver candid customer service. A passion for bettering humanity is what drew him to ADC, and it’s what has kept him there since 2017. Emmery is both self-sufficient, and an active team player that looks to add value wherever he can.